Hugh Evers:
Musician and Songwriter
A Message from Hugh

Music is the universal language. It says many things. It speaks of beliefs, of passions, of joys or sorrows. It can speak of worlds or whispers with naught but a single note. At its best it transcends the spoken word and touches the soul. To say the least it carries magic and is meant to be shared.

But, music is often far more than that. In many cases it's a reflection of the cultural identity of a Nation and its people. Virtually every society from recorded history created it's own form of music and a method, or methods, of presenting it. The forms it has taken have been wide and varied to say the least.

My interest lies with the traditional western music of North America. That's not the polished product released by the industry. Though it's crafted extremely well it lacks the grass roots flavour and the raw feel of the traditional songs. My wish is to share that, to take it abroad and bring it to those who may wish to gain familiarity with it. There are samples of these songs on this site. It's my hope that those who load and listen to these songs may wish to hear more of this music and know more about its roots. Most of all, I hope they wish to pass what they hear and learn on to others.

Ultimately, my wish is to meet and share the magic.